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Olivier Maiga

Therapist with a diploma in energy treatments and massages

Originally from Ivory Coast, a beautiful hot and warm country in West Africa, I grew up there until 19 years old.

A life full of joy and carelessness, punctuated by the gentleness of the people and a generous nature.


The second part of my life takes place in France, my second homeland, because French by my mother.

Studies, national service! Yes, I am part of one of the last contingents before the reform, the first jobs, the real active life.

A life where we finally fit into a mold.


At 22, we have a ready-made image of what adult life is like. How we have to do to be the perfect integrated in this life.


Happy ? Like everyone, we believe we are. Corresponding to the pattern that society expects from us.

Society, parents, culture, traditions, religions etc ...

All this straitjacket, which is supposed to structure us and make us the perfect individual, good for the society.

Metro, work, sleep, as some say ...

Inveterate consumer ...

Being afraid of what will be said ...

A managerial life, responsibilities on the shoulders, goals to be achieved at all costs. The system rewards, and here we go again for more pressure and more goals ...


And then one day life begins to trip you up… I say trip, because obviously I don't experience hitchhiking in a very pleasant way…

Little almighty lord, well in the system like a fish in the water is at a standstill.

Nothing's going right.


Loss of job, disintegration of the little family life created, loss of everything that had been put in place.


There follows a certain crossing of the desert, marked by doubts and questions about life ...


Then the third part of life in Switzerland.

A choice ? No, a guidance I like to say.

Life always puts you where you need to be. As if my Soul was telling me, "well he's going to listen to me now this one" (Laughs)


Indeed, a long journey imbued with spirituality and beautiful encounters, in parallel with my duties as a sales representative in international transport.


A beautiful encounter that life brings to you, completely improbable as the two people are so different, but how complementary - in fact.

A person who makes you reborn so much that he or she puts you on another path of life. Your life path.

On the other hand not easy.

Lots of ups and downs, but lots of love.

A meeting that marks you for life and that you will never forget, so much does it overwhelm you with its depth, with the love you feel and what it allows you to discover about you.


Thanks again to this beautiful person.


Today, what I am, after all these years, and what I am not yet, because the evolution is continuous, I put it here at the service of all, through my care.


When people ask me what I do, I like to say I don't do anything.

I put myself at the service of the Light. I'm just channeling the beautiful energies for you.

I am at the service of the Divine Light and I transmit a moment of well-being, a moment of relief, of "healing", of hope.


To put it simply, I don't deliver care, I am care.


Treatment by touch is a subtle combination of energy therapies and massage techniques, given in a holistic and multidimensional way.


My care is adjusted on a case-by-case basis according to the needs or expectations of the people.

Massages, Reiki, Plantar Reflexology, Quantum Therapy.


In the end, I invite you to let go, a deep reconnection with yourself, an energy balance, while stimulating the self-healing process.

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