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Why take food supplements?

How does our body digest food and nutrients?

Digesting is a natural body process. It is a function of our digestive system from the mouth to the intestines. A nerve signal precedes the first bite of a meal or food. As we approach a signal confirming that we are going to eat, the human organism is already ready to digest. Each organ plays its role in preparing for digestion.

Mechanically, everything happens in the mouth and stomach. This first part consists in defragmenting each food until it becomes mush when it leaves the stomach. The second part, which is chemical, consists of dissolving the nutrients and filtering out everything that can be assimilated by our body. Suckers, enzymes and acids react with the porridge to complete the process.

What is a dietary supplement?

A dietary supplement is a concentrated source of regulated sustenance containing one or more of its elements: prebiotics, probiotics, fatty acids, vitamins, enzymes, excipients, amino acids, proteins, plants, fungi, minerals and trace elements. They come in the form of liquid content, capsules, powders or tablets.

Among other things, a dietary supplement has the function of balancing the dietary imbalance to provide nutritional inputs to meet the needs of the body in the face of a deficiency. They can also be useful to eliminate or alleviate annoying or uncomfortable situations in everyday life: stress, indigestion, joint problems, insomnia,... They also allow to maintain a general well-being and a good health linked to a stable physiological balance while decreasing the risks of disease by their natural assets.

How food supplements on the physique?

Food supplements are made up of specific elements capable of communicating with our cells in order to signal them to activate and set in motion their natural capacities to protect themselves. The sets of tissues form the tissues that constitute our organs. From there, the organs function properly to strengthen our muscles, bones, ligaments and motor functions.

How can dietary supplements help on a mental level and avoid low morale?

The commands of the human body come from the brain and the spinal cord. To reach the different parts of our body, these commands are transported by the nervous system. The nervous system is composed of 100 billion neurons, 12 pairs of cranial nerves in the brain, and 31 pairs of spinal nerves in the spinal cord. It ensures in particular: our voluntary movements, reflexes, the maintenance of balance, posture, walking as well as sensory messages coming from the skin and the organs of the senses. But also our unconscious visceral functions: breathing, digestion, heartbeat, blood circulation, excretions,... It acts on the smooth muscles that allow involuntary movements, certain glands, the vascular system and the heart muscle.

Food supplements act on all these areas in one way or another. Since information is transported in the form of electrical or chemical signals, it is in these processes that the components of food supplements intervene in order to perfect the functions of our organs and our nervous system.

It should be noted that each food supplement is specialized for certain areas of our health. Especially for a pregnant woman or a young child, it is necessary to consult and follow the precautions of use and the medical indications before ingesting them.

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